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If you are looking for Property in Thailand we can help you find your piece of paradise.
Check out these unique "property for sale" opportunities in Phuket, Thailand.
Only available at Hotel Burma.

Phuket Business Opportunities
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Property for sale in Phuket Thailand

Land for Sale - Phang-na Thailand

Picturesque ocean front property
1 Km South of the Similan Island pier

Perfect for Resort Hotel or Marina
160 Rai includes 2 shrimp farms, rubber plantation
and ocean frontage - Inquire for price

Land and House for Sale

Property for sale in Phuket 
  Thailand For Sale or Rent
Large double unit 2 1/2 Story Shop House
10 M wide X 15 M deep
20 minutes from Phuket International Airport in
Phuket, Thailand

The units of land measurement in Thailand are the Wah, Ngan, and Rai.

Conversion factors between Thai measurements and Metric measurements are: 
1 Wah = 2 meters 
1 square Wah = 4 square meters 
100 square Wah = 400 square meters = 1 Ngan 
4 Ngan = 1 Rai = 1,600 square meters 

Conversion factors between Thai measurements, meters and acres are: 
1 acre = 4840 square yards 
1 acre = 4,046.8561 square meters 
1 acre = 2.529285 Rai (approximately) 
1 hectare = 10,000 square meters = 2.471 acres = 6.25 Rai (approximately) 

Metric measures are commonly used in the construction and measurement of buildings. 
Land prices are usually expressed in Baht per Rai, or, for smaller plots, Baht per Wah.

List your property here for as little as 10.00 USD per month
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